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Originally Posted by tpm23 View Post
Aaaargh! I did my right rear regulator last year with no problems. Now I'm in the middle of doing the right front.... with a definite problem.

This one wasn't as messed up as the right rear so I went with the ziptie approach instead of buying a new unit. I had one broken part on one plastic clip but went ahead and ziptied both sides of both clips as shown in the DIYs.

I've got enough bits and pieces back together to test things. With the window unattached, the carrier pieces move up and down as they should. But with the window attached, the motor runs out of steam with the window about 60% of the way up. It slows down, is obviously straining, then just stops. Also, note that it is pretty difficult for me to physically push the window (when not attached to the regulator) all the way up. The DIY says to tape it in place so it doesn't fall while you're removing/installing the regulator...... no way I need to do that. It's a tight friction fit up there as it is!

So I'm thinking the motor may be going out and is weak, but, since it's so hard for me to get the window all the way up by pushing it manually, I'm also thinking something else might be wrong there. I've installed/uninstalled/reinstalled everything twice now and can't see anything that might be interfering with the window's path. Suggestions?

By the way, it's an '02 325i with about 56k miles.
Did anyone find a solution to this? I am having the same dificulty.

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