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Originally Posted by SteelBlueXI
Okay, I'll ask the obvious question since nobody else did. If it's $5 from any BMW parts counter, subtract BMW CCA discount and you get $4.50, add in tax at an average of 8% = $4.86

So why should we purchase this for $6?
Because I had an extra one, And I felt that $6 bucks would cover my cost and cover my shipping cost to someone in Canada if someone there chose to buy it. As well i tried to cover my paypal percentage which sucks big time. If i made $.12 on this i would be suprised. I was jsut trying to get ym money back and help a fanatic out who was interested in having one shipped to thier door rather then go to the delaer and get one. $6 seems fair doesnt it?... AND ITS SOLD ANYWAYS!
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