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Originally Posted by SoCaLe39 View Post
Looks like I may be joining the SULEV club....although with a slight bit of hesitance. Been looking at E46 vehicles, specifically 02+ to use as a DD and threw down a deposit on an AW over Natural Brown interior after looking for about 2 months now. Looked at several E46s within my budget and all were beat or had the kind of history you don't want to see. The hesitant part is knowing there is a good chance at some point I'll have to swap out the tank for a low mileage used unit but since I do all the maintenance on my cars its not really a big deal. I figure I'll just find a tank and buy it to have on hand just in case. On the flip side, very excited as the color combination and overall condition of the car is really good. Hope to have it in my garage mid week and will share pics. Mods list has already started but I still need to finish my E60 M5 before I go down that road.
Originally Posted by SoCaLe39 View Post
Some pics of the recent purchase...

Nice! Welcome I love the interior color with the Alpine exterior. Looks very classy.

As far as the gas tank, there's unconfirmed info on an M3 tank and pump swap. M3s run the same fuel pressure as we do. It would be a matter of finding out how the plumbing, connectors, and then also figuring out how to put a fuel filter in the line.
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