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***The Official M56 SULEV Warranty Documents, Check-in, and Questions Thread***

I have an 03' 325i SULEV. I've noticed a drop in MPG, shuddering when going up hills, taking longer to start after sitting for more than a couple of hours and the gas pumps shut down on me a lot way before the tank is full. I've even had it stall out on me 3 times with aggressive takeoffs right after filling the tank up. I'm thinking the issue is a failing fuel pump. I plan on taking I in to have it diagnosed. The only performance mod I have is a huge K&N air filter. I took out the whole OEM air box to get it to fit. I no longer have the air box. Do I need to buy a new one before I bring it in? Would they really deny a fuel tank claim because of an air filter? Got an SEL light yesterday for both pre cat o2 sensors.

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