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Originally Posted by Mango View Post
I tried making similar tools but the truth is the rods arent big or sturdy enough. I snapped two custom tools in half and bent a hardened steel socket. The bushing didn't budge one bit. Depending on how corroded the original bushings/balljoints are, you may have a difficult time removing them with home-made tools. Some have done it but I found it best to not waste my time. Plus flying steel is never safe. Wear eye protection.
Yeah I've read online as well that those ball joints are near impossible to remove without the special tool, even with heat.

When I do my overhaul at a local "DIY garage" shop thing around here, I'll ask them if they have any tools that might be able to do it. If they have some tool that'll work I'll let you know.

This guy is renting out a tool that can do it, the thread is old but maybe he's still around.

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