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Cheers Shaun,drop , it aint hard to do as long as you can solder confidently and dont mind fiddly jobs that take a while, i done all of mine over a few nights when everybody was in bed just for the peace and quiet to concentrate, if you want to give it a try go for the temp control unit first, that was the easiest to do,i got all the spare units from the breakers to do it to "just in case".. the majority of the bulbs are surface mounted leds if u do a search on eBay for item no 271269055353 i bought 40 of them and i got about 6 left the window switches are 3mm 12v leds and the resister is in there just replace the led and the hazard switch is a standard size led

NOTE if you pull out your light control unit you will find its huge, is only the front part that is needed to be swapped over not the complete unit, i got a complete unit from the breakers along with other bits from an msport im robbing for bits, swapped the leds over, fitted it all together and it was fine, i noticed the next day between the mileage and trip mileage a dot had appeared, doing the Google shuffle i found it was a tamper dot, the car thought i had been messing with it and fixing the mileage, basically the back half of the unit also holds the mileage on it and was paired to the car once i swapped it back the dot went but what a stupid idea, i found so many ppl on forums panicing about this dot, and fixes for it, i found 1 forum with someone who had bought a m3 from a dealer with a light fault, he took it back they fixed the lights, but he noticed the dot afterwards and they were all telling him to get rid of and not touch it as they must have fiddled the mileage and it was dodgy , but all they had done was swap the whole light unit over not knowing what they were doing

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