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Hey guys, I can't get the white clip undone. How do I remove it?

Solution: it pulls UP(towards the outside of the car) not out.

Finished this up on my 2001 325xi rear passengers side. Got an OEM regulator from pelican parts for $58! The plastic circle piece on the bottom of my old regulator snapped in half and the cord obviously became super messed up. New part when in and it's like new. Good quality part, and it came lubed up.

Just for reference, I did not have rear air bags in my doors, and I did not have that mystery part the OP has. Made the install a piece of cake.

Also I seem to have lost the functionality of the one touch up from the rear switch itself. Works fine from the front switch. One touch down works. Is one touch up an option for the rear switch itself? My drivers side rear window was broken by a stupid drunk girl so I can't check that one

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