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Originally Posted by Jarrettm3 View Post
tcfuk, I've got a couple questions. Do you have to wait up to 15sec for it to turn on, even the radio, every boot up/start of the car since it is all android controlled unit? Does it have rca outputs? Sub outputs? Sub crossover control? I have 2 12"subs and there was no mention of these outputs on the website. The website doesnt say anything about a capacitive screen just that it is LCD. Just wondering if you can verify the capacitive screen since you have one. Thanks!

Yes you do have to wait for around 15-20 seconds for the unit to fully boot up, If you have a reverse camera connected that comes on straight away when you go into reverse regardless what the operating system is doing.

Yes there is RCA outputs for a sub amp, not too sure about the cross over control if you mean a capacitive screen that works on either your finger tip and using our whole finger then yes it is, if you mean that when you "pinch" the screen and it makes it larger and smaller then no it does not.

You could always contact I am sure they will be able to answer any questions you have.


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