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hi paul welcome,

nice convertible i only wish
i can answer a few of your questions though

no2 my windows do the same i unlock the car and it drops the front windows, been told it needs to be reprogrammed by bmw to alter the settings so ive never bothered i just press unlock twice and they stay in place, but i know what you mean about it being a pain in this weather, but it was good in the summer to let some air in when it was hot before i got in

no3 with the wheels i dont think the m3 wheels fit straight on unless you have got a set of fronts as the rears are wider and will foul on the arches, but i could be wrong, what you have got look great, there m-sport alloys and in good condition from what i can see in the pics, but i know what you mean about the m3 alloys

no4 with regards to the wood trim you could get it wrapped in what ever color or texture you like but im guessing the door arm rests would be awkward, you could have them painted and lacquerd in whatever color you fancy or get a set from ebay and swap it over take about 20 mins to swap and then sell yours to get some money back
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