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Originally Posted by lszlszx View Post
I believe the overall diameter is almost the same.
Weigh the stock wheel and do your research on the new ones.

Chances are they'll be heavier, but lightweight 18s may not actually weigh more than your stock rims.
Have your suspension been replaced? Wide, low ratio rim/tire combo may highlight weaknesses of a worn suspension.
In short, upsizing is OK if the overall diameter is the same.
Edited original post. Stock 15's weigh 40lbs. and 18's weigh 45lbs. Thinking that's the equivalent of a bowling ball on each corner. Is 20lbs difference all that much? 20lbs Weight distribution on all fours is better than a fatty in the passenger seat. lmao

Seriously tho, there is no new suspension. That will be next. Possibly after disc break upgrade. Depending on the feel with the new wheels. I'm OK with the look of how it sits right now. They're BMW after market 18's from a '99 7 series. Post pics soon!
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