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My Ride: G-Power Z4M, VF Z4
Manual; 3.07, but my transmission is different. It works out to similar top speeds in each gear as a stock 330 6-speed.

The VF kit is probably the easiest on the car of any FI kit, because it only runs 6 psi at redline. That also means it makes the least power. You don't need to worry about upgrading anything, unlike other kits, so this truly is the cheapest option beyond just the initial cost of the kit... unless you decide you want more power. Clutches are rated based on torque, and the VF kit doesn't increase torque numbers by much at max torque (something like a 20% increase). Instead, it adds torque as the rpm climbs, where it would normally fall off because the engine becomes less efficient. This makes for a very flat torque curve.

The downside is that you don't get instant power at low rpm. You have to wind the engine out to get moving. But again, the stock clutch is fine if it's in good condition, where other kits may require replacement.

G Power Z4M and VF Engineering Z4 3.0i
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