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Originally Posted by pokeybritches View Post
You can upgrade it with a smaller pulley, but just know that it will void whatever warranty VF gives you. I haven't measured yet, but I don't think the pulley is a standard Vortech pulley, so you'll need someone to make one for you. You'll need a tune too, which is the hardest part. I see no issue with bumping it up to 8 psi, especially with water/meth and a good tune. Some people run around at 8.5 psi with no intercooler on ESS Stage 1 twin screw setups with the TS2+ pulley, and those setups should be more prone to detonation because they boost the car more at peak torque.
I love ESS.. i believe i would be nice even with a TS1.. lots of torque from low addition with my 5sp and 3.38 diff would be a nice toy.. but the cost is a bit high..

If i go with VF i will keep it as VF sells it..
I don't like making epxperiments.. i prefer sure/guarented/tested options/upgrades..

I also have an ASA kit as an option with 320hp and +100NM..

Haven't decided yet..
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