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I jut got my 20`s BBS LM on ! Love them !!! Personally I think 20s looks better that 19, I think 19 looks small if u don't drop it like with coils..

I respond to the post from Peytonracer4: (some of the things you wrote I don't understand so I answer on those I can translate myself )

1.Heavy: hmm idk cant be much, if u fill the gas tank up to full or go with half tank makes more difference ? Should every one go with 1/3 of a tank all time then ?

2.Look Bad: I think it looks better, so that's up to each person to judge... I pick rims that ( I ) think looks good.

3.Reduce Gas: hmm if u own a M3 I don't think u will have a problem with that LITTLE more Gas it takes...

4.Expensive tyres: Yes more expensive than 19" for sure but as I said, if u own a M3 and u cant buy tyres... don't own a M3

5.Rough ride: I can agree to that, but its not that much difference than my 19"s, I think if u want smooth ride go 18.

Will slow you down: Maby a little but depends on what u have the car for. I don't compete or go track.. I ride normal and press the Gas time to time, if I want to go track or race in heavy Corners I can always put on my 19".

that's what I think Sorry for my English, Im from Sweden ! BTW I got 20x8,5 front and 20x10" Back, Rubbs a little in the back, but easy fix with rolling fenders, thatīs a problem you got with some 19" to if you want aggressive look.
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