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someone chime in on this issue. Kris, could you advice what should I do next?
I have these coils installed for about 6 months now. I am happy with the ride, but the front end grinding and creaking is not resolved yet.
Replaced busted sports suspension with streetedge coilovers.
Creaking developed in about a month.
Changed Powersteering fluid (ATF)
Changed the strut mounts(OE)
Changed the washer between the strut mount and coilover base (OE)
Changed the sway bar bushings (OE).
Changed the end links. Thanks Kris for sending me the new ones.
Changed the control arms with new bushings (meyle HD).
Changed those 8 one time use bolts on subframe reinforcement plate with OE bolts.
All torqued to spec. Tripple checked.
The creaking and grinding is still there. (both sides).

I can tell its from the springs/sturts because if I keep my ear right above the strut mounts while someone is turning the wheels, I can hear it clearly it coming from under there.

Now after changing the control arms, the creaking is even louder and grinding is scary. Feels like the spring is going to break.

Here is my thread about the issue.

Kris, thanks for providing a great customer support. You have been awesome answering my question via PM or email.
I am putting my issue here because I may be missing something that is leading to this noise, not to bash on the product. I realize that I might have been an unlucky one who is having this issue.
I have spent a lot of time and money to resolve this issue. But I am going nowhere. I feel like there is something wrong with the front coils.

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