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Originally Posted by Kris@TSS View Post
My E60 had click/clunk when I turned the wheel or went over low speed bumps. It ended up being my top mounts. After looking at your video a few things come to mind. Can you jack up the car and record the video again? Meaning the front wheels off the ground. I would double check the grease on your top mount bearing.

Also was this an issue before or after the coilovers? Another question did a shop install the kit or did you install yourself? How was the top mount torqued?
There is no noise when I have the car on the stands and turn the wheel. I would take a video but the fuel pump decided to die today, so I wont be able to drive for a couple of days. So the video will have to wait. But it doesnt make any noise at all when the front wheels are in the air. The noise comes when the springs are loaded.

The issue emerged after I installed the coilovers. May be a month after installation.
The shop installed the fronts in the first instance. But when I changed the top mounts, I did it myself. Everything else I did it.
No impact gun was used by me or shop during installation. I have a 22mm socket that I made by cutting the middle out to hold the allen key and torque it properly at the strut mount bolt. The shop laughed at me for doing that, but I made them use it. When doing the mounts the second time, I did it myself because I knew I didnt have to use the spring compressors.
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