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I looked for a long time since I wanted to match the color of the fogs to the headlights. Finally tried some 9006 hi watt led I found on eBay. They are plenty bright, and match the white dolor fine, but the issue is I no longer have fogs, what I have is bright white auxiliary front lights. The pattern is completely messed up, not hazardous to others but just not focused as the led emission point does not match the reflector design. The light does not scatter to the side as a fog should' and it is not brought on the ground immediately in front of the car. Have not decided what I am going to do on this point. I have also noted buzzing sound onmy USA spec iPod device when the fogs are on,but I also have two other sets of led lights on the car, backups and corners. Buzzing happens only when fogs or corners are on.
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