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Originally Posted by Smoothpnoy
i've driven it on the beach, snow, puddles, no problems here.... but the sand wasn't that deep... it was pretty even and a little compact. the snow, i've plowed through about 10-12" of snow and no problems, felt some wheelspin a little but gotta love Xi.

Yeah I've driven through snow such that the car was acting as a snowplow. When the driveway in CT was unplowed this last winter in the morning, I actually had to reverse through the snowbank at the road in order to get out, it was so steep.

I'm wondering though, how well it will handle deaper sand, such as you find in the outer banks, nc. Where you have deaper ruts in the sand etc... Do you think I'll start dragging in the sand, or do you tink the XI xtra inche of clearance will help out with this.
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