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While working on E36 M3 Euro TT (RWD M3) we have redesigned the Fuel system of XM3:

Two Aeromotive Pro Series pumps feed 212 lb injectors. We have been on double Pro Series since 2008 but they were not feeding as good as the new connection.

Each Pro Series is now feeding 3 x 212 injectors. So the fuel rail is divided right in the middle.

Two fuel /methanol pressure sensors hooked to Pectel.

212 lb injectors @ 100 psi will be 316 lb. 316 lb = 3318 cc each injector @ 100 psi.

Do I need that big of injectors? Yes.

We needed to increase injector capacity as the fuel is methanol and want to raise boost pressue up to 45-50 psi.

There were two options:

A- buy Moran injectors 300-400-500 cc. they are very expensive compared to Siemens 212 LB injectors.
Methanol kills injectors very often, so I need to keep injector price lower.

B- raise methanol pressure. Chose route B.

Once our religious holiday ends will road test.

New tires arrived from States for XM3 / RWD M3s.

Good news Vbox Video Lite is here but its got a 100 pages long manal....

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