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All Wheel Drive E46 M3

Originally Posted by Twin_Turbo_S54 View Post
I think I could not express myself.

I did not mention coil over spring rates, I wanted to tell about the fuel injector capacity.

Moron Injectors go up to 575 LB each.

Thank you for the nice words.

Yesterday I ve thought about GTRs, M3s.....Although GTR is very new compared to E46 M3 it has undegone a very intensive tuning program.

So many people work on GTRs worldwide.

Enthusiasts in United Kingdom and USA are pushing the limits of GTRs up and up.

I am a member of gtr.co.uk since 2003,and British GTR fans have been improving R32-33 and R34s since 90s.

But only very very very few people work on E46 M3s...........

I was speaking to myself about this yesterday: M3 vs GTR...

GTR has displacement advantage. 3500 cc S54 XM3 vs 4100 cc
GTR makes more power on boost only.
Recent GTRs run on twin 64 mm chargers. 1500 - 1600 whp.

I was on twin 68 mm back in 2009, was too laggy. Will try 62 mm chargers as XM3 now has an auto tranny and lag is not a big issue these days.

XM3 will be using nitrous, I am used to 250 shot, so N20 will help to overcome power differece. GTRs did not get addicted to nitrous yet, why should they?
GTR is very very fast on boost only.

Transmission: XM3 shifts as fast as GTR.

Transmission: GTR has very short gear ratios, XM3's ratios are longer.

All Wheel Drive Control: XM3 has the ability to turn ON / OFF all Wheel drive system
XM3 has the ability to adjust the amount of torque to the front axles.

Weight: XM3 weighs 3400 lbs. GTR weighs 3950 lbs. This is not gutted, stock weight. After gutting XM3 will still weigh 500 lbs lighter than GTR.

GTR has better aerodynamics.

GTR is a very good car for the ones WHO like hardcore power.
I could have purchased a GTR and get it Alpha XYZ,meaning that get the fastest from t***252;ner XYZ. But that would be "pay", "get installed", "drive" and "boast about your car".

Thats not what I like.
I like to work on M3s, plan, produce parts, install, map electronics, test, dyno, road test, re-produce parts, plan continuously.....Been working on S50 B32 since 1997 and I am still in love with S50 B32 (S54 as well). I simply did not want to be one of the other car owners, rather wanted to build unique M3s cause I am in love with four of my M3s

All Wheel Drive M3 was my dream and it came through.
Our time has split into E36 M3 Euro TT and XM3 TT, soon hope to make videos of both M3s.
There something beautiful about people who build " flux capacitors " to make their cars travel beyond the norm... It's all about the engineering and experimentation that's makes it all so much fun... Good work at modelling what a enthusiast looks like.. Ur cars blow my mind... Reminds me of the Cold War space race...

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"Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how far you go through it."

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