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MOVI Pro / CReader Pro 123 ?

Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Just to update and summarize for anyone that skips to the later part of this thread.

As I mentioned, everyone NEEDS to buy an OBDII tool. For as little as $30 you can have a tool that does everything you need. Actually the cheaper tools have capabilities to record data to a CSV file so the data can be graphed as needed. See some of the graphs below.

How do you get a tool for $30 or under.

If you have an Andriod phone or tablet, a $5 App and a $15 interface.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch, a $10 App and a $25 interface.

If you have a Windows laptop you can get ODBWiz with interface for under $30. From Amazon, link at the beginning of the thread.

Also ELM has their own software provided with some of their OBD interfaces called ScanMaster ELM.

Some other low cost options -

$33 -

$43 -

I have not used these specific tools, but it looks like they offer most features that are needed.

And you can get a very good stand alone OBDII scan tool for just under $100, or step up a bit and likely get a very good tool for around $160.

Search Launch CReader 123 or CRP123/129 and see what these can do for over 30 different manufacturers for between $100-$200.
I am on the fence and have read these threads several times and was looking for your advise for the deciding factor regarding my decision on purchasing a better tool. I have a OBDII generic tool that can read/clear basic codes already, I want to read and analyze real time so I can work on my car. I have both OBDI & OBDII ports if it makes any difference in my decision, as I believe I can get an adaptor if need be. I like the Movi Pro since I mainly use Mac, but like the ease of ability to have a scan tool and like the CReader Pro 123. Which device would be a greater benefit in the ability to obtain more data, and track down specifics?

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