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Hi Folks we are the seller that podge and tstaroveski is referring to in this thread. I am Sean (Radioguy) . Yesterday we officially became a sponsor on your forum CLICK HERE and I hope that we can live up to your expectations ! I am a Canadian Eh (No not Chinese Canadian)I have actually been a member here for about 2 years but i didn't post because I am a seller and I respect the forums policies on seller spamming and posting without paying. I have followed Jeff and kudos to him. He is fantastic. I hope that I can be 1/2 of what he is. He has my utmost respect as I know how it can be on the forums from his perspective. His postings helped me often on the MG Rover forums.

We specialize in only 2 car models of head units .

The BMW head units and the MG Rover head units world wide. We have a repair depot in the UK (in Clacton on Sea) . I am hoping to do similar in the USA very soon , a repair depot that we can handle warranty and repair inquiries. We ,very importantly , have close factory contact and a paid agent on staff in Shenzhen, China to handle Logistics, Negotiations, developments etc., whom I have worked with for 7 yeas now.

We believe in specializing and being good at particular Models, providing answers and support. Not selling every model made and running away in the corner with the cash !

For 4 years now (So far) we have specialized exclusively with the MG ZT and Rover 75 owners , as some of you may know MG ROVER was owned by BMW for a heartbeat in the late 1990's . They have many fingerprints from those initial, designs on the cars. We have sold about 1100 aftermarket head units to MG ZT owners with not one unhappy customer to date. We solve problems , we answer all emails and questions and concerns. Period.

Until recently, I was also a dealer direct from Dynavin only "allowed" to purchase the one Model (the E46 Model) and we made a few modifications ourselves so that we could offer a good android unit to our MG ROVER customer base. We were there since Dynavin's inception in 2010. I was there for the D90, I even followed the petrut patch, and the skins and hacks. We also participated in the D95 and the D99 Series. So I and my team know a few things about the Dynavins. I won't go into details but I assure you that this new Android head unit is leap years ahead ! I will just say that we recently replaced about 15 Dynavin units , as they simply were not up to customer expectations and the struggle to achieve that was no longer worth it.

I am open to any and all questions. We have successfully made 2 deals with members here in e46fanatics for Unboxing of these units to 2 E46 owners and These threads will appear here in the near future and provide objective and concise information as to the units version from an E46 owners perspective rather than me as I am a little biased ! LOL

I Will say
We have already installed about 30 Units for the MG Rover members since July of this year and they are thrilled ! If anyone cares to reference the forum is I am a paid trader there as well and we dominate the ICE Section there.

I have 2 pertinent websites , and

I plan very soon to publish a good deal for the E46 membership to consider.

Best regards and Cheers !


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