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Well, add another one to the list. I had p0171 and p0174 and after doing some research, found this thread and thank goodness my hose was split almost in 2! I was so happy and thankful. Ordered the hose from rockauto and did the install today. If anyone has problems installing, like me, I may have another access point. My hands were far to big to get in from the top, so i went in from below. I already had the bottom cover off for some other maintenance, so I thought I'd give it a shot. The only issue I had was I had to work by feel. I could see it, but not when my hands were on it. There was a loom of wires in the way below the nipple, so I reused the 90 degree elbow in the new hose and it worked fine. I could not get the 45 degree elbow on there because of that wire loom lurking just below the nipple. Hope this helps someone in the future. Thanks
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