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Originally Posted by CharlzO View Post
I'm running the Noble2's right now on mine, and haven't had any issues with the tires feeling soft at all. I'm running a 17" if it makes much difference. Came off Khumo Ecsta SPTs, and really, there's not much difference in every day driving. I can still push through corners hard if I want to with the Nobles and not a chirp to be heard, but I imagine there might be a bit more gap in track driving between them. I CAN say though, that the tire wear on these is a million times better than the Ecstas, which is understandable given the rating, and being an All-season versus summer tire that others were. As for wet weather, I haven't had a single issue with them. I don't drive over a lake, but even normal water in the groves on back roads, they don't skip at all.
Not that this means anything for the Hankook, but I ran Kumho Ecsta UHP all seasons on my S4, and while they started out fine, the sidewalls gradually became seriously soft about halfway through the tread life, making it feel like you were going to fall off the tire in hard cornering maneuvers. I guess time will tell as these are newer tires.
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