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I had a little fun with a customer's 535 last month. I fabbed up a cage and stuff for him in his previous 535 but it was rolled and totaled in a Chump Race at "The Ridge" in Shelton Wa. in Aug. Actually the first ever roll over since its opening. See link for the Roll Over. It's the video on the right. Second driver rolled it on his very first lap between turn 2/3. Kind of a a$$ hat move, least do a complete lap before you roll car.

I decided to relocated the driver's side B pillar back 10 inches to facilitate door bars plus I always wanted to try it. Since it is a Chump Car I did not have to worry so much about rules or hurting someones feeling. I cut the rear door 10" and added it to the drivers door. Both doors still work and I must say it actually looks better with a long front door. Yea I left the passenger side stock. Catches some people of guard.

Also to keep this car from rolling over I bead rolled a Sun Roof cover, something fun to do.

Here is the car at last weeks Chump Race in Portland.

Sorry, I forgot to take finished pictures of the cage/door bars. Kind of in a rush to get the car done and to Dynasport for the engine install. It will be back in a couple of weeks and I will update.
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