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***The Official M56 SULEV Warranty Documents, Check-in, and Questions Thread***

Originally Posted by itscoo2pyopants View Post
I'm talking about a 2004 325ci m56
Originally Posted by itscoo2pyopants View Post
i got shot down by 3 local dealerships saying the vehicle has no such warranty for emissions related parts. they said only some M56 SULEV are covered, not all... anyone ever heard of this before?
I'm really confused as to what the issue is then. You're saying you went to 3 dealerships, they said only some M56s have the warranty, and they turned you away because you have an M56?

Unless you're outside of the 15/150k or somehow voided your warranty, you're covered. From the experience of others on the forum, you're even covered if you're not in the state of original purchase. I've never heard of a dealership saying such a thing. They're feeding you a line.

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