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Originally Posted by chelseapaul View Post
hey all,
im Paul.. from surrey (greater london)

bought my first bmw today after years of dreaming of one

only a 318ci m sport but at the age of 24 i feel lucky haha

will post pics in a second post below.. lovely british weather!

few problems ive noticed so far that i need help with:

1. the automatic up and Multi Up function isnt working... the multi button drops all windows but will only lift the rear ones! (have tried resetting as seen on a post here but not luck)

2. the drivers window automatically opens everytime i unlock and open the door.. a pain as its now winter especially! and the passengers window doesn't adjust for the roof when i open and close the door. resulting in a gap until i manually push the window inwards.

3. i want to replace the m sport steels with M3 alloys as i love them.. is it a straight swap?

4. im not a fan of wooden trim.. whats the cheapest and easiest way of replacing it all?

any help much appreciated folks, glad to become a member here
Hi Paul, welcome to the forum mate. Ill try to answer a couple of your questions.

1. Sorry no nothing on automatics
2. May be a silly question on my part, but are you purely unlocking or unlocking and holding the button?
3. The alloys should be straight swap, may need to change out the spacers or add a spacer for fitment. I would look on some where like eBay which gives a list of cars and if it fits to be on the safe side.
4. Trim is easy to replace, you can buy the trim sets around 90 and replace or as PO did to mine they Carbon Fibred the trim.

Hope that helps, sorry cant help with the auto side.
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