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Re: *OFFICIAL* BMW Diagnostic Scanner PA Soft 1.4 Thread

Originally Posted by Phoenix330ci View Post
OMG - I just read all 93 pages and 1860 post plus a large amount of side threads...........................

However I still have a ton of questions like;

1. Can I run this on my MAC if not can I run this on my special version of Win 9?

2. If the answer is no to 1 can I download the software some place and can I have some one here tell me for the millionth time how to install it.

3. Also where the heck to I even buy this and the correct cables? Thinking on buying these cables for $1000 are they any good?

4. Also I have like a 1979 BMW so can I use the hexagon connection or maybe the round? My buddy is telling me that the round is gay and just get the hexagon one.

5. Also is the tensil strenght of the cord strong enough to wrap around my neck and jump from a bridge.....just wondering.......

HOLY CRAP people, I read this figuring I would learn a lot but 93 pages of repeative question, which most answers can be had in the first say five pages. Don't get me wrong, I learned something..............NOT TO ASK THE SAME QUESTIONS ALREADY POSTED IN THE SAME THREAD.................

I think this thread needs to be locked and seperate ones opened for installation of software and cables and the rest with actual instruction in running the software. I did howeverr see one thread that looked to attempt this how to run it but of course the wrong questions still get asked..................

Well there is three days of my life I won't be getting back.................
I little ironic that you're complaining about people asking these questions (which all have been answered), then you complain about repetitive questions.

1. You need to emulate windows. Be that XP or 7/8. Either will work fine. Run parallels or some other emulator. This software won't run on MacOS, and even if it did, you'd need to write a driver for the cable.

2. Read through this thread (again) or google how to run a windows virtual machine in MacOS.

3. Xcar360 is where I got mine. Don't spend more than 50-60 bucks total with shipping.

4. Pretty sure this will not work with a 79

5. Yes, and please do if your post wasn't just trolling ;-)

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