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XM3 started to launch.

Launch control @ 4000 rpm & @ 4500 rpm have beeen tested.

Boost is 8-10 psi, can be raised up to 15-22 psi easily.

After the boost build part of lauch control has been dialed in we then took off in 1st gear.

@ 4000 rpm

@ 4500 rpm

No videos of the take off as it was exciting to dial in the overall system.

With a torque distribution of % 20 to front axles and % 80 to rear axles, XM3 launched very well. It was 3 degrees celcius and road surface was slippery but XM3 managed to launch with decent amount of Wheel spin.

At the end of the day, all Wheel drive system worked good, launch control worked good, I have to work hard and practice.
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