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Originally Posted by BrutaL View Post
Looks good. I hope someone makes an independent comprehensive review soon. My Dynavin v5 still brings smile to my face The Avin may bring a bigger smile.

Does the Avin
1. have the same glare on the screen during daylight
2. Screams loud (vol) when unit is switched from any source to radio mode
3. have better audio/video quality compared to Dynavin
4. Internal fan works overtime to cool down a 'hot' unit

ps: Are tommy and jeff business partners's not independent but I tried to make it honest and comprehensive....

1.Glare is not too bad, frankly the dynavins are not bad any more either. You can't change physics though, the screen directly reflects the back window, BUT by running a high contrast color scheme, predominantly white on black, visibility is improved a lot compared to the low contrast orange on black you have been using.

2. No.

3. Similar.

4. No fans.

No, not business partners, we are just working together to bring you guys the best we can! Dynavin has been moving away from the android stuff to pursue more conventional "car audio" features and vehicle integration (idrive, PDC, etc...), this is a good thing BUT.....that left a hole in my offerings for the techie crowd. The Avin came along at just the right time to fill that hole.

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