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Torque Converter or Torque Converter seal?

I need to so some work on my E46 I have what I would appraise to be a failing Torque Converter on my 03 Steptronic Wagon. Likely induced by a rumblestrip symptom of a failed Guibo & Center Bearing. It had been happening for months but only last week was I able to diagnose it as a simple bearing instead of assuming my transmission was dieing. The classic clutch failute symtoms rapidly started to manifest yesterday after I had an oil change done. Reving, Halting from 1-2, Crashing gas milage. No codes but a couple months ago I had one or two very sporatic Gear lights on my dash that reset with a start

My hypothosis is that the vibration finally worked a failure on the seal around the converter, letting out enough transmission fluid out that the converter is low power. I confused the fluid with a blown power steering hose that I fixed last week in the snow.

My course of action, is to order the parts for the Guibo/Center Bearing (fcpgroton?), and a Transmission Fluid Kit. (which one/Fluid?)

Id like to check and top off the fluid to see if the torque converter recovers and then do a removal and seal replacement. If the converter doesn't recover I would get a rebuilt one (source?)

I would drop the pan and check for metal and such. Is there anything else I should do? I have heard about the reverse solenoid failute, should I check the that or the mesh screen?

I had an issue with my expansion tank a year and a half ago and I cant remember if my thermostat was changed or not, is there anything I should look at to see about heat failure in the Tranny?

Lots of question. I would appreciate any opinionating. Thanks
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