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appreciate the feedback rob. let me address your two concerns as best i can:

1. there are several reasons we may utilize a spec ecu tune (ensure compliance, fix various electronic issues, make more power, richen the mixture for safety, etc) but raising the rev limit is not one of them. engine longevity is absolutely something we're trying to preserve so a 6500 rpm limiter (6700 tops) is all this class will see.

2. we've gone back and forth on the flywheel/clutch multiple times, right now we've permitted light flywheel/clutch to make the cars as fun to drive as possible. we're expecting that the conservative rev limit will keep the motors in their safe range, and we are allowing oil pump modifications (and harmonic balancer replacement may be permitted in the future as well). plus the light flywheel is optional, not required. the performance gain is minimal, it's mostly about making rev matching easier. with a 3.46 diff i don't think these cars will spend any significant time banging against the limiter in 5th.

finally, i want to point out that Evan Levine has been part of the Spec E46 team from day one, in fact it was his suggestion to use the E46 platform (my original proposal was to use the E36 M3). he's in the final stages of buying a new house and hasn't been quite as active on the public side of things but he's as much a driving force behind se46 as james or myself.

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