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Thanks for the post and concerns - certainly well-presented and well-received. A few points (repeating Jason in some cases):
  • The software will have a conservative rev limit to prevent exactly the problem you mention. The rules have a big nod to enforcable compliance. We could say no software, but that is not something you can police and you just widen the gap from those that follow the rules (I know - all of us) and those that still have the money for custom tuning. We will improve the performance of the car to make people spending the money for it happy that they are getting something, but the reason this made the cut was purely for the compliance aspect.
  • The V2 rules do allow oil pump modification - agreed on this point.
  • Agree on the harmonic range and track issues - have experienced it a lot before. The stock piece is great, but the goal was light (you can drop 25# here) and fun (a revvy motor is fun - as is a clutch that doesn't break). I was on the side of keeping the stock flywheel and allowing a performance clutch (that is about $600). We discussed normal lightweight flywheels and I agree that is not appropriate or not what I would use because of the clutch demands and loss of damping (which also cushions the clutch). Then I worked with a company to come up with a true race clutch, aluminum solid basket, 7.25", 0.236" discs (5 year typical service life), steel flywheel but light and low MOI, and all for about $1250 - same price as the aluminum flywheel/stock-style clutch on the table. When you get that end of the engine light things get better that they are when they are a little lighter than stock (minus the DM). This should be a solid, cost-effective solution.
  • The balancer is on the table, but we think we can avoid the expense in the rules by containing the issue with the above steps. I am working hard on our car and it will be the test dummy. The goal is to have a solid, robust driveline and if we have issues after some hard running, we will take this step. I think everyone hates adding to the build price by adding it now, but I suspect that is still debatable.

At the end, Jason and Evan are making the decisions and I helping to provide answers and options, so this is one for them to expand on or discuss as needed.
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