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I'm very happy with these excellent responses, they show that all of you are on top of these issues & are open minded to addressing this "Harmonic" problem.

I really like the idea of the LTW flyweel & clutch James Clay has come up with, it will make the SpecE46 car more fun to drive and add definite life to the clutch package simply because it won't wear out quickly.

I also really like the Idea of "Spec" software that everyone would use. I do believe that a maximum of 6500 RPM should be utilized, this 6500 RPM limit really will help with motor longevity, and will offset any negative effects of using a LTW flywheel & clutch.

On to the Damper; As an owner of a highly modified N/A 2003 330Ci that currently has a ATI Super Damper mounted on it, all I tell you is there is a VAST difference in the amount of harmonic (Greatly Reduced) vibration in the 6700 to 6800 RPM range. Now when I run my Bimmer at the track, or down some empty highway in 4th gear between 6600 to 7000 RPM the "Buzz" or Harmonic vibration is virtually gone. My thought on something like the ATI Super Damper is this: BimmerWorld would purchase a large supply (10-20) of these from ATI at a discounted rate, and then pass the savings on to the SpecE46 racers. I am a FIRM believer that this one piece will add great longevity to any M54B30 race motor.

The oil pump: There's a reason why BMW sells a $3000 dollar oil pump upgrade kit for a racing M54B30, that's to solve the issue of the aluminum block vibrating like a tuning fork at 6700 to 6800 RPM and in some form or another destroying the stock oil pump. I certainly don't think anyone should spend 3K to help solve this issue, but I do believe the SpecE46 rulebook should be written to allow either:

1) A stock oil pump with a welded or wire tied oil pump nut.
2) A stock oil pump with a VAC Motorsports oil pump kit installed. (about $200)
3) A "Super" oil pump like the one I run. Cost is about $750, its a TC Kline/ Greg Smith - vaio76109 pump. There are several threads on this pump, here's a link lots of pictures thanks to Adam (PEI330Ci).

Again, Good luck,

PS, Jason I responded to your PM.

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