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Originally Posted by Loaded325i View Post
nice business edicate.
You do realize I was not talking about the Avin units right?

Go read the threads for the cheap knock off units, it goes back years, most recently lots of guys got paperweights and half functioning units, and had to do disputes with their credit cards to simply get an email response from the seller. How is that for business etiquette? Ive been working nonstop here for 4 years now to be as helpful as possible to as many people as I can and I dont like seeing people get ripped off. If you think im being a jerk about it go read my posts, and then go read theirs.

I was a member and an early adopter of these types of products long before I was a sponsoring vendor here, I worked through all the good and bad that they had to offer, fixed a lot of problems, and rescued a lot of people who got ripped off, thats what ultimately led to me being a trusted seller here. So was Tommy/Avin/M3evoluton, thats why we are on the same page about this and are working together. Trying to do things the right way, yes it costs money, but wouldn't you rather have a moderately priced product that works, than a cheap product that doesnt?

The point is that "Custom3" is waiting for a unit half the price......well, no need to wait, they are all over these forums, there is a reason they are cheap and the threads speak for themselves (if you read the whole thing which unfortunately few do).

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