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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Pretty sure I can handle some basic light refraction stuff. It's pretty straight forward. What sites offer good insights on this matter?

I know you've brought up filament locations once, but that's covered by using H7 HID bulbs. Maybe the HID is hotter and will damage the halogen bowls? Halogen is extremely hot, so is Xenon actually hotter? I'm missing auto leveling of course. What else is there?
The topic is so deep because of the mountain of aftermarket stuff available out there. Mostly crap. And people a lot of times combine crap with good stuff or sometimes use all crap.

The bottom line is keep the system stock w/ refreshed OE-level/OE-quality/OEM parts OR do a complete proper retrofit like Nick did. The key word here is: QUALITY. And sorry to say but DDM isn't it. I did DDM in the old days I'll admit and regret it. That's why I always say I have a drawer full of DDM junk I want to throw off a cliff. It may *look* cool to you and your friends to see a big ball of blue light on your car and you'll feel great about spending so little but at the end of the day it's junk on the one of the most highly engineered parts of a BMW. Move forward not backwards!!!
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