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Originally Posted by CSP View Post
I'm not questioning design choices of people much smarter than me, but don't feed me that DOT legality. Morimoto ballasts aren't either but they don't receive the same crap on here.
I'm not "feeding" you anything. You asked what was illegal about it, I answered. Personally, I don't need the DOT to tell me what's safe and what isn't. I did enough research to figure that out for myself. I run retrofitted TSX projectors in my E36 M3, which is illegal and no aspect of that setup has been DOT approved. But the light output is safe, doesn't blind oncoming drivers, and the electrical demands of the ballasts are well within the design specs of the wiring in my car. Still, it's illegal. But, not to sound like an ass...but not everyone researches things to the level I did before deviating from stock. This was something that took weeks to do.

Originally Posted by CSP View Post
The HID in a projector housing with hot spots is interesting. I don't think i ever had any problems with it from memory but I can completely sympathize with that point.
Again, i'm generalizing here. There are clearly different types of halogen projectors, and different types of HID capsules. Some hotspot worse than others. Some combinations throw so much stray light that people around you can barely see where they're going. Some, although not optimal, are acceptable. But this variation is the reason why I bring it into the discussion. Things that are DOT legal have been tested and perform as designed. When you deviate from that, you're on your own. And let's be honest, a lot of people have no idea what they're doing when they play engineer.

Originally Posted by CSP View Post
That being said.... Just because it's not designed for it doesn't mean it won't work fine. here's the cut off for an e34 with HID's.

That output may or may not be acceptable. It's tough to tell with it shining on a wall in the garage a few feet away. As a comparison, here's my TSX retrofit shining a good few hundred feet out (I don't know of any PNP kit that retains this level of uniformity)...

And zoomed in...

Originally Posted by CSP View Post
We're talking about simple things.... an HID system. If you hate the quality then that's one thing, but don't hate on DDM because they're not as good as Morimoto or the other ballasts and then tell people not to reengineer things. On that note... He's putting it into a housing designed for an HID capsule. Why is there a problem with that?
I don't recall mentioning anything at all about quality, about DDM, or about Morimoto. The goal of my post was to explain why you can't just throw an HID capsule into any old projector, and what the differences are between halogen and HID optics (to a degree).

I'm not telling people not to reengineer things. The entire enthusiast community is based on things like that. However, I am saying that people should understand things before they attempt to reengineer them. The vast majority of the people that buy PNP Kits don't understand what it is they're actually buying and don't understand the difference between that, and something with proper optics. The vendors do not explain that you can (not always, but CAN) yield output that's bad for other drivers and in some cases actually *worse* than their stock halogen output. Again, the key here is understanding what you're doing.

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