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Originally Posted by Busy View Post
NEW axles from NAPA come with a lifetime warranty and cost a fraction of OEM axles, so use those.

Replacing both sides is a preventative measure and if $$ and time allow, by all means do it.
Having spent the better part of the last month getting my axles sorted out, I would say (like lots of others here) get GKN axles from Pelican/ECS/RM, etc.

I got one Cardone reman (from Autozone, but they supply NAPA all the auto parts chains) that seems OK, and another Cardone that was machined undersize and gushed fluid and had grease leaking from the outboard boot.
A lifetime warranty isn't worth much unless your idea of a good time is repeatedly replacing axles.

I don't think you have to worry about one side playing well with the other.
If one side looks recently replaced, I would just replace the bad one with a GKN. Roughly $300 for the drivers side and $350 for the passenger.

'02 330xi 5 spd

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