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Don't listen to those saying you need a new transmission. In most cases the transmission issues most people have are either the torque convert or the reverse drum......both of which can be repaired. If indeed you diagnose the torque converter to be bad whatever you do DO NOT buy a repaired or rebuilt torque converter. Yeah they might be cheaper but in the long run it will cost you more money down the road as it will inevitably fail sooner than purchasing a remanufactured unit. Its very easy to tell the difference between a ZF remanufactured torque converter and a repaired/rebuilt. Remanufactured ZF torque converters are not painted while the others are. Trust me I've been down this road and just recently replaced my torque converter on my 325i. I had a trans slip fault causing a check engine light and once I replaced the torque converter it fixed the issue and the car drives smooth as silk. Honestly the transmission now feels like brand new. I didn't want to mess with pulling out a transmission in my garage so I ended up driving 100 miles to a well respected ZF certified BMW shop and they did all the work for about $1650 including all new parts and labor.
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