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quick HID question

Originally Posted by Mango View Post
Also don't forget the bulbs fade rather quickly over time. My entire front end lighting wise is refreshed. new bulbs (both high and low), exterior lenses, projector lenses (ZKW-Rs), seals, tuned cutoff shields, coding, etc. So it helps over an older stock lighting system
The bulbs in my E46 are recent (replaced this past spring). I've had the same bulbs in my E36 since 2008 or so. They're the same bulbs in both cars. I'll definitely be putting new lenses on in the spring. They're not blasted too bad. But they're definitely not like new anymore. I'm sure that will help the E46.

Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
I couldn't find anything within reasonable distance and with reasonable mileage that had a manual. I only searched a few months, but I really wanted to get rid of my Jeep haha.

In terms of retrofitting my facelift halogen projectors with some nice xenon bulbs (and maybe lenses) do you have any websites I should start looking at. Obviously there's our Lighting forum and theretrofit source, but that's about all I know of.
Manuals are indeed surprisingly hard to find sometimes. The numbers vary from year to year. But in the US, is basically always under 5% of new cars every year that are sold with a manual transmission.

For current retrofit parts, I'm kind of out of the game, since my E46 has factory Xenons and my E36 has been retrofitted since 2007. But in the past, I've gotten parts and resources from HIDPlanet and Theretrofitsource.

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