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Originally Posted by zander271 View Post
Yea that was my experience also, What I may do is buy a new one and redo the other one so in the future if it rips I can just cycle them out. Annoying dinking around for 30-45 minutes cleaning and repacking the thing with a wife tapping her foot LOL. I understand that that CV boot will tear on cars but the XI's it seems a bit higher than normal. It also looks like the outer takes the most punishment because of the exposure.
The outer is what goes first due to the exposure, your right. That's where mine went on the front left, outer. I picked up a cheap Napa axle and had it installed as i was in a rush, luckily I kept my OEM one and bought a repair kit which I am going to rebuild and put back in place hoping to fix my vibration issue.

Don't pick up the cheap boot kits from NAPA either, get the one from Pelican, I got one here besides me and the rubber is nice and sturdy yet soft. Also the repair kit I got is a GKN one.. the grease has GKN labelling all over it etc. If you need the exact details/part numbers let me know I can dig it up. While I've found the ones at NAPA/Advance Auto are just brittle they seem that if they ever got cold they won't just pop a hole with any ice..

oh and ditch the wife when you do the repair lol, invite a buddy over for assisting in the drinking and extra set of hands

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