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VF Engineering kit - M54B30

Originally Posted by GFKETHAN View Post
This thread is super helpful and informative! I have been looking at the VF centrifugal kit for my 2002 330i but wasn't sure if it was worth the cost. I have just a few questions for you: 1. did you install the kit your self, and how difficult was it? 2. VF says that it is completely bolt on is that true or is there any modification that you have to do? And 3. one sit said that the kit came with new software, but if I remember what I read in the earlier posts, you said that you used a different software. I was wondering what software you used and why?

Thanks again
1. I installed it myself. The best thing to do would be to Google my review on Zpost. It's pretty detailed, and it's against the rules for me to link it here.

2. There are small modifications, like cutting old hoses in half and clamping new pieces on. Technically anything is reversible with enough money. Expect to make a few trips to the hardware and auto parts stores. This kit (like all others out there) aren't like Legos, where everything fits cleanly and neatly together. Realistic expectations must be set beforehand, otherwise you will be disappointed. Parts will break during removal and install.

My kit was an early iteration, low volume, and an adaptation of the E46 kit. I probably ran into a few extra issues that required ingenuity and relied on mechanical knowledge more so than the average E46 install (raising the engine, rerouting the intake piping, etc). I was also lacking in mechanical knowledge prior to the install, and I didn't have a shop to rely on to fix my mistakes, so that complicated things.

3. The kit comes with software. VF offers a flash tuner now, possibly for extra money. You can pay to ship your ECU back and forth to them.

Hope this helps!

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