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Thanks for all of the responses. No codes, no nothing other than a low RPM rumble in the zone of 1500-2000 RPM, Sounds like a 'cattle grid' or a rumble strip. It has been very cold of late, which I believe contributed to the noticability of the slippage. As I mentioned I had a power steering hose blow so I may have missed a failing seal on the transmission and loss of fluid.

I have a local option for getting it up on a lift to check out. It is a steptronic, likely a GM transmission. I was going to have the pan dropped to drain the fluid and check for shavings before I have the whole Transmission and drive axle dropped. I believe that I had a failed guibo and/or Drive axle center bearing that contributed to a low fluid situation. 137k on the vehichle now. Still to be determined what has happened as I have not been driving it and have had to wait to get it in somewhere.

All the responses are much appreciated.

So, what are the votes on the BMW only fluid or another option? Found a guy who will take customer parts.
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