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Problem Solved!

For those of you who have been keeping up with this thread, I am happy to annouce my problem with the base plates has been resolved to my satisfaction. I would also like to make you aware of my transactions and how things took place.

For starters, I naturally contacted BenFer Performance, Inc. (BFP) about the problem and e-mailed them some pictures of the base plates I initially received. I also posted those same pictures here for all to see. Josh Ferguson of BFP promptly replied to my e-mail and agreed he "intended on making it right" for me. He gave me their mailing address and requested me to send them back to BFP, at my expense. Because of the huge delay and poor quality, I replied to him stating my opinion that I shouldn't have to send them back at my expense and I requested a UPS call tag. NEVER AGAIN did I hear from ANYONE at BFP! Instead, I received a nice, honest, e-mail from Doug Roberts of Quatro Composites (The Manufacturer of the Quatro Bar). He apologized for the problem with the base plates, agreed to immediately rectify the problem, and pleged to suprass my highest expectation. The next day I called Doug and discussed the issue and explained my situation. He offered to replace the base plates and asked what he could do for me to better the situation. We discussed a few possibilities (which he suggested) and I told him it would be great if he could do something extra, but not necessary, as all I wanted was what I paid for, and to have the quality of product that was displayed in the photos Dan originally posted. Doug allowed me to send the base plates back at their expense (NOT BFP's expense, although they may recoup this later???) and said he would turn them around as quickly as possible. I sent them out UPS Ground (I suppose I could have sent them Next Day Air, but I didn't.) on Tuesday 5/4/2004. This is basically a coast to coast delivery so it took a few days to get there. I didn't respond to Doug until a day later but had received an e-mail from him in the interim wanting to follow up with me and see if I had sent them out yet. I e-mailed him the tracking number and waited. I received my replacement base plates today, Wednesday 5/12/2004!!! They look perfect and are exactly what I had hoped for in the beginning!

So... Many Thanks to Doug Roberts at Quatro Composites for taking ownership and handling the problem to my satisfaction!

I'm not sure if they sell directly to the public, but if you guys want one of those bars, I would HIGHLY recommend contacting them to find an alternate reseller other than BFP. I'm disappointed with the way BFP handled the whole thing because they sold me the product, yet washed their hands of it once there was a problem and never followed up with me (their customer) to see that it was taken care of.

Moral of the story (For me at least)... NEVER participate in another group buy!

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