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Bav auto springs reviews?

Originally Posted by buguyed View Post
If you're going to hit the track occasionally and don't want to sacrifice a lot of ride quality, I would get bigger sway bars before lowering springs. Noticeable handling improvement and you don't have to get a $100-150 alignment after you've spent $500+ on shocks/springs. Keep in mind, most places won't align lowered cars let alone BMWs. If the lowered look is what you want, by all means do it! Also, if you're getting an alignment you should by all means replace LCABs, LCAs, and probably RTABs as well. Those things and sways will yield a huge huge improvement over lowering springs. Just my $0.02, good luck!

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My springs and shocks are blown. That's why Iam changing mine not just for handling.

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