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Originally Posted by aurelius View Post
Same here. Seems some E46 models built in 2003 have a 120-amp alternator more commonly associated with the Z4, making it rather difficult to find the relevant VR. If your alternator has the oval electrical connector/plug noted above on the rear of the alt., then you need the VR with Bosch part number F00MA45219. (The 2nd & 3rd being "digit zero," not "letter O.") That number is not easy to come by -- make a note of it if you have the relevant alternator.

As of this writing, Pelican sells it for $65 but it doesn't cross-reference to the E46 and you won't find it on their site. You must call with the Bosch number above.

I should have paid more attention to this thread. Got mine off without removing the alternator, put the new one on before realizing it was a different plug. The old one is back on for now, and I will call Pelican on Monday. The hardest part was getting the screws out.
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