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Guys about MPG i was just wondering this also, but it seems you have changed a bunch of parts and still average the same as me which is about 22-24mpg depending on how much highway you drive. It seems the EPA numbers are completely off for our cars of 25city and 30ish highway with normal driving conditions.

I have gotten 32mpg at 75mph, but that was driving down south so the car was all highway for about 6 hours. At 55MPH I would have probably gotten over 40mpg+, just didn't feel like driving that slow. It seems these cars love long trips to get decent mileage, anything else doesn't matter if you are on the highway or not if the trips are short I guess we have to settle with 25mpg.

Even if I have constant 30 mile trips one way, the highest I get is still around 25MPG avg. And seeing you guys post those numbers reaffirms that these are normal numbers for our cars, so I wouldn't go to crazy replacing parts.

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