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Bluetooth dropping in and out & Homescreen change?

Hi all. I believe I have a B046, I bought the unit second hand and installed without issue. It has been working find for nearly a year but now the bluetooth (I use it for streaming Spotify from my phone) is dropping in and out intermittently. I have tested with other phones and the issue remains. The song won't stop playing, it will simply appear to be muted. All other functions working fine. Any ideas?

Also, I haven't seen a layout for the non-android side that's the same as mine on any other units. Does anyone else have the same layout? Is it possible to change the initial boot image from a flower to a simple BMW logo?

I've also copied the "About Phone" section below, from reading this thread it appears that it's not possible to update this version, is this correct?

Thanks for reading!

Boot Image

About Phone

Main Menu
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