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Just wanted to share an experience I went thru with my M56 2003 325i with 86k
Hopefully this can answer some questions about your M56/Sulev.

My CEL light went on and went to AutoZone where they read codes P0171 and P0174, both banks were lean, however there were no misfires. I searched the forum and came across this thread, did some reading and took my E46 right to the BMW Dealer. (Don't even bother calling BMW NA unless you work for BMW because they won't care or know what you are talking about lol, waste of time.)

I went to BMW of Bayside and after telling the dealer to run a diagnostic, $145 whatever, they determined that they had to do a smoke test. After an hour, the rep came to me and told me that the cause was due to a leak in the vanos line and it needed to be replaced. She gave me an outrageous price of $690.00 and 3.5 hours of labor.

Here's where the fun began, I told her that it was possible that it would be covered under the Sulev 15yr/150,000 warranty. She told me right away that it is not possible and the warranty is 8yrs/80,000 miles. (By the way she was very friendly and courteous). I asked her to double check so she went to ask the mechanic working on the car. She came back and said its 10yr/100,000 and since my car was purchased in April 2003, I was out of luck .

I then pulled out my last resort, which was the PDF files that I printed from the first page of this thread that stated the Sulev Warranty and parts that are covered. She told me she would call BMW NA herself and find out. Half hour later she returns and gives me the news I have been expecting since I arrived. It was covered

It was well worth the 6 hours I was there and to have my E46 Sulev come out running great again, no more CEL. I left the dealership with out paying a penny, didn't have to pay for diagnostic nor the work that they completed. And got a free car wash. The diagnostic left me a list of of other items that my car would need, and I wasn't gonna pay them to do it so I'll take care of them myself. BMW of Bayside was very courteous and professional. Thanks for reading and hope this helps fellow M56 owners. Thank you OP for those PDF files.

Here's a pic of the diagnostic I was given:

Click image for larger version

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