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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
8 inches is greater than the ground clearance of you car so I doubt it was that much.

Also this thing of northerners laughing at people in the south having hard time with a little snow pisses me off. Let's see how well a city in Canada does with just one inch of road accumulation when we take away all salt, grit, plows, snow tires, fewer 4wd cars, previous snow driving experience, and heavy winter clothing.

Next time any northerner says a word about heat gets me one upping their ass for the entire summer at every chance I get.

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I don't mind the heat. I HATE using the AC. Drove around with my sunroof open and windows down in the 100 degree weather last summer.

Also, that's not how snow works. As long as you can get ontop of the snow, you don't need 8" of ground clearance to drive through it. Snow does indeed get packed down. I also drive on all season tires, and I will say it again, streets were unplowed and unsalted.

I do agree that the driving experience is a big part, however.
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