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Originally Posted by JJR4884 View Post
I would like to know the reasoning for why you all think the e46 was ahead of its time... style? technological advances???

Please help me lol...
The E39/E46 were some of the first cars to bring stability control and side curtain airbags way downmarket, and their respective crash test performances trounced most of their peers until one whole generation later. LED lighting (including side markers) is to my knowledge not something BMW has replicated in the form it appeared on the E46; even the LCI E90/E92 and F30 (afaik on the F30) used traditional style side markers. Adaptive xenon headlights made one of their first appearances on the E46 as well.

I put that more in the E39 category as it is significantly older than the E46. The E39 especially was when BMW finally got it right with new manufacturing techniques (without sacrificing dynamics), and in some ways that generation was a peak for BMW.

To be clear, I think the E39 was more ahead of its time than the E46 was.

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